A inside peek of Fashionit Production

Before entering this marvelous world that we call fashion production, I was always extremely intrigued about the inner workings. How exactly does a product go from a concept to production into a product that can be bought and sold in stores around the nation. Today,  I want to give you guys an inside peek at what production really looks like. 

 So like all things, production usually stems from an idea or a concept that we want to bring to life. Sometimes, we are tasked with revamping an old idea(like our new tech kit collection!) and other times we are attempting to solve new problems in a fashionable way. For example our perfect travel bag folding duffel and backpack are extremely popular and are a great lightweight solution to travel. However, we wanted to create a canvas duffel that also folds to provide a solution for everyone. 

Once we have an idea of what the new product is, we brainstorm for colors and materials. Most of our kits for example come in PU pouches that we agonize for weeks over the colors. There are so many important things to think about from attracting the right audience to the cohesion of the colors. Occasionally, China will come back and say that they can't find the swatch you need for production so it's back to square one. 

Assuming China has the parts they need to create a sample, they begin to make a sample for us to look at. Some samples go great, as they are able to execute our vision that we give them. Other times, corrections must be made until we can get it right. Once we feel that the photos we have been given accurately match our vision, China will send samples for us to look at. I always equate getting samples from China to Christmas morning because it feels amazing to actually hold the samples in you hand. I always get super excited because every little agonizing detail we go over is worth it when you hold the sample in your hand. 

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into how production works at Fashionit. If you would like more blog posts about production, let me know in the comments below and I will do so! 

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