Fashionit Holiday Gift Guide// For The Techie

Since the election is finally officially over, it is time for the happiest time of the year, the Holidays! If you take a look at our products you will see that we have a large variety of tech accessories that would be perfect as gifts to any tech lovers in your life.

  • "Unicorn Tears" silicone iPhone Case, perfect for those who pride themselves on being unique. (Items are not sold out, but they are currently available for pre-order and arrive before the Christmas Season!) 

  • For the texter that loves using OMG emojis check out our emoji earbuds in love, kiss, laughing and sunglass. (Items are not sold out, but they are currently available for pre-order available before the Christmas Season!) 

  • This set of two tablet trays are the perfect gift to give(two people!) more reason to chill in bed. 

  • Give the gift of staying charged on the go with our cable necklace and cable bracelet. Our cable necklace comes in 4 designs including a heart and key and love. Our Cable bracelets come in both Android + iPhone and has 6 color options. 

  • Our Tech Kit(pictured in gold but available in white) contains all your techie must-haves and is the perfect gift to give tech lovers. Contains headphones, pen+stylus, screen cleaner, non slip-grip cover, and a three pronged charger(lightning and micro USB). 

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