5 Reasons Why You Need a Tech Kit

Since the release of the iPhone 7 yesterday all eyes are turned to technology. One of my favorite things about Apple is their dual design and functionality. And that is something Fashionit has in common with Apple: We care deeply about fashion and functionality. Our Tech Kit contains all your tech "must-haves" in one fashionable pouch and here are 5 reasons why you NEED our Tech Kit (now also available on Amazon). 

1. A 3 headed charger that can charge anything from your old IPad(anyone remember the pin connector?) to your Kindle(or even an android) to obviously your iPhone since we can't go 10 minutes without checking it. 

2. Apple might think that headphones are irrelevant but we know many of you don't think so! Our retractable earbuds are the perfect solution to finding tangled earphones in your bag. Who wants the pain of having to untangle each and every time you want to listen to some tunes? 

3. Our Stylus, Pen + Screen Cleaner makes being on the phone 24/7 easy. How? The Stylus allows you to effortlessly edit your photos, play games like candy crush and swipe guys on Tinder. Thanks to the abundance of additional glass screen protection,wiping your iPhone with a screen cleaner is a MUST. Thankfully, the screen cleaner is both effective and tiny taking up little to no room in your life. 

4 .Ever had that scary feeling of your phone slipping away from you and ending up on the ground?  For added protection in preventing that, try out our non-slip grip cover.

5. Everything you need comes in a stylish pouch(NEW colors coming out in October are Mermaid Blue, Rose Gold, and Silver). The pouch easily fits in your book bag, backpack, and even a medium sized purse so you can be sure to have all of your tech "must-haves" next to you. 



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