What's in My Bag?

School is back in session ladies! For some people this is a “yay” moment, others an “aw” moment. First, day of class can be really nerve wrecking and you don't know what to bring. “Should I bring my books already?Notebook, pen or pencil?Backpack or play it cool and just bring a purse?” All these questions will race through your head. But, we have the answers you need right here!

We are going to show you what is in our bag. First, we have our Mac laptop for note taking of course, clipboard notepad from Target, Planner from Victoria's Secret, 2 school textbooks, Pen/pencil case, Medium size carrying bag, Cable bracelet, and small journal. Of course all these things fit into our Fashionit Perfect Tote.

Get your tote bag today made 90% from paper and totally eco-friendly. Paper bag? Yes, you read it right and it's super light weight. Use promo code SUMMERMETALLIC16 for 10% off your order. Be on the lookout next Wednesday for a new  “What’s in my bag?” and we will show you all types of use this perfect tote has. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow us on all our social media! 



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