SOS Children's Village X Fashionit


Here at Fashionit, friendship and giving back to the world are two of our biggest motivations. There were so many reasons we chose SOS as our charity over the literally thousands of great charities out there. Once we realized how many millions of children WORLDWIDE that have lost one or both parents, live in poverty or don't go to school we knew we had to join SOS Children's village in making a difference. Please join us in the fight to allow every child in the world to have a loving, stable home with food on the table and an education to look forward to.  

At Fashionit, we donate proceeds from all sales to SOS Children's villages. In 2015 alone we helped more than 10,750 children find a home in villages across Eastern Europe in South Africa.

Want to help this amazing charity? There are many ways to give to SOS making one donation, making donations monthly, sponsoring a child etc. Read up on all the ways you can help us make a difference here



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